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This section deals with noise generally. A general Acoustics FAQ is available elsewhere. This information is UK based but has worldwide relevance unless marked otherwide. The Noise Section is divided as follows

  • Terms & Units – Non-technical(ish) explanation of noise units such as LA90, LAeq, dBA, sound pressure level and sound power level.
  • Environmental – noise affecting residents including BS.4142, MPG11, PPG24, WHO criteria and CONCAWE weather effect, plus reducing noise entering the home, statutory/noise nuisance under The Environmental Protection Act 1990 and noise abatement notices and appeals. Funding – if you are involved in a legal action possible funding options.
  • Occupational – workplace hearing damage assessment & control, The Noise at Work Regulations 1989, daily personal noise dose.
  • Building Acoustics – the quality of sound within rooms such as Reverberation Time RT60 and First Echo and sound insulation between rooms and dwellings and a brief consideration of School Music Room Acoustics.

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